Building a data tree / ironpython

Hello guys ,
i dont know how to build a data tree in ghpyhon , can you plz explain to me how to do it ?

here is my file : (5.6 KB)

and plz apply the changes to my file .



Hi Arash,

Check the attached file. (8.9 KB)

Hi djordje .

thx for quick replay
what i wanted was a tree that show my colomns, branchs of the tree are my floor count and item of each branch are colomns on that branch.
i want a multi branch tree not a single branch tree

Here is my last file , i solved that problem but now the problem is that the code draw Cols on each other while i want it to draw on top of each other floor by floor .


Sina (1).gh (10.8 KB)

The issue was not with data tree code, so you did get multi branch tree.

The issue was with the way you generate your columns in your code:
Use rs.CopyObject function instead of rs.MoveObject one, as the former does not copy the object which it translates, just moves the one you supply. That’s why you end up having all those exactly same columns on all branches.

Check the attached file.
Sina (2).gh (10.8 KB)

djordje ,

thx for your helpful and quick replay again , the code you sent works like a charm :smile:

thx for your time again .