Build parts with commands - MoveFace toboundary

Hi everyone,
i´m new in this Forum and also in Rhino (use it since two weeks). My current aim is it to build parts only by writing commands in Excel-files and copy them in the Rhino command prompt. An easy example is in the attachment.

Now my questions:

  1. When i use the command sweep1 a window opens. How can i avoid this with previously defined settings? Because it´s a bit annoying when i have to use this command often for one part.
  2. To close the openings of the polysurfaces i want to use the commands SplitEdge, BlendSrf and Join. For SplitEdge i have to select one edge of the polysurface and following i want to split the edge at the midpoint. How can i select one edge and the midpoint via commands?
  3. For BlendSrf i have to select the segments of the splitted edge. Same Question. How can i do this via command? Furthermore i want to avoid the window opens with previously defined settings (for example: position and position).
  4. Now i want to delete the ends of the horizontal part till the vertical parts (command moveface toboundary). How can i select the top surface of the horizontal part and the surface of the vertical part?

Do i need Python skills for this? Currently i have no experience with Python.
I would really appreciate your help.

Example.3dm (61.0 KB)
commands.txt (1.9 KB)

Best regards

Hi Felix -
Any command run with a dash in front (-Loft rather than Loft) will supress the dialog box.
But…why not use scripting for this?

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Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your answer.

I have no experience with scripting and thought i could solve the Problem without scripting.
The next days i will learn the basics.