Build Module arrayed in GH

Hi everyone,

I am looking to create this module in GH, indicated as in the image, and apply it on the facade.

I use railclone with 3dsmax which we create a module and apply it on the curve for this kind of application but i didn’t know if there is any way to do that in GH as well?

Any help would be appreciated !


If you don’t know how to do this it’s time to go through the gh intro on
Arrays in gh are made with move+series component


Thanks for your response but my problem is not that I don’t know how to do array in GH instead of how to assign this module as a brep or geometry to GH in order to apply to all facade. ( which is not created in grasshopper but in Rhino ).

I am not sure if that method is exists or do I need to create this module in grasshopper and apply in all over the facade…

the link is great though, thanks again !

Welcome to Grasshopper for rhino, u can go directly into grasshopper intro to understand how the components and everything works. if you are using Railclone before and want to array in GH, here i made some simple explanation:

A. Segment in RC is “Brep, or Surface” in GH. assign by right click and then pick geometry.
B. L1S in RC is “Move + series” component in GH.
C. RC is using Spline direction, in GH it is “Vector direction”. u can make vector along X,Y,Z or any other direction u like
D. RC has properties built in inside L1S, in Rhino, you provide the GH component information by feeding it from numbers component / equivalent.

this is a simple explanation to get u started.


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Thanks a lot ! i will definitely try this out now. That was exactly what i meant when i said Railclone to GH.

Thanks again,

In that case, I would have posted the same response :wink:

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