Build mesh structure and morph on surface


Here’s the second step of my Orthopedics project. The goal is to achieve a model like this below and let it adapt to any arm I import in the GH definition as a target.

Now, I am just able to get a mesh like the one in red of the image below; then I have to manual edit everything in order to fix small holes and add details like the junction points for belts (edited mesh on right side).

This manual editing is time wasting and I loose all the advantages of working parametrically.

Is there a way to customize at once the mesh structure, integrate it in the GH definition and have it ready to go?

Thanks in advance for all your support. The definition is here attached. (972.0 KB)

I don’t have all your plugins. If you internalize your unrolled red mesh, I can take a look. FIlling small holes is no problem, but you have to set up a few rules how the fixings should be made / or look like. If you smooth your fixings after creating them, chances are high, that they won’t be clean. Or isn’t it neceassary?

Here’s the definition with the internalised mesh. The final shape does have to be smooth and 3d printable. It is not bad actually, but I need to build a good structure with the junctions already into the mesh. (976.8 KB)