Build Error


I’m trying to build a package of my plugin, following the guide here

When building the package I get this error:
ERROR: (Line: 9, Col: 3, Idx: 319) - (Line: 9, Col: 17, Idx: 333): Exception during deserialization

My folder contents are the gha file, the yml file and /misc containing I didn’t include the dll as in the guide, since I assumed this is for whatever external libraries my gha may require, and my plugin requires none.


Can you post the contents of your manifest.yml file here? It looks like there might be an unexpected character on line 9.

I added the keyword manually

name: Room-Surveyor
- Filipe JS Brandão
description: This plug-in features two implementations of interactive triangulation algorithms for 2D polygons which can be used to survey rooms. It includes a number of other tools to manipulate 2D polygons

I see I forgot the space between the - and the keyword.

Now it works but I got this Warning:

WARNING: Content name doesn't match manifest: 'Room Surveyor' != 'Room-Surveyor'

You should be able to ignore that warning. I’ll update it so it isn’t quite so alarming :slight_smile: .

Thanks for your help @will! The plugin is pushed :smile:

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@will I understood that after pushing a new version of my plugin to package manager, I could then add it to its product page on Food4Rhino by clicking the Add from Yak button. But this added a new App. What is a proper workflow for existing plugins? Should it be the other way around? First add it to Food4Rhino as usual and then push it to Yak?

I added a link to your Yak package in the Downloads list of your page on food4Rhino.

The yak package link is now the first line in the list and when users click on Download, Rhino will automatically open and load the Yak package.

This feature is new and for the moment only admins can add this line but if this works as expected, we will make it available to all the developpers.