Build 5A671 - new command dialog

so i see there’s a new look:

is there any way to highlight which letter we need to use to drive the command with the keyboard?

in the _Line example, ‘i’ used to be underlined in Bisector but now it’s not so easy to tell which key to press (B seems logical but it will trigger Both Sides instead)

i think i have my most used ones memorized anyway but i’m sure i’m going to have to drive the boxes with the mouse more often than i’d like if the setup is going to remain as it is in 5A671.


oh… i guess i see the logic which is trying to happen… using ExtrudeCrv for example:



the buttons indicate a secondary dialog/prompt will show up while some things are still just boolean values?

i think i get it and it seems a good direction for guiding a user expectation through the dialog… still, can you maybe come up with a way to let us push those buttons with the keyboard instead of cursor? (well, it still works… just the key indicators is what i’m talking about)

using the ExtrudeCrv example… if i need SetBasePoint, i highly doubt i’m going to be able to guess ‘a’ as the key to press for it… or it would take a while to see that the S,T, & B are already used in the preceding options. :wink:

I added MR-1249 to the heap.

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