Bugs with Latest 6 Update: Geo Pipeline + Panel text. Also issues with Rhino Workspace Layout

Just opened a Grasshopper file from yesterday after a Rhino v6 update and it has made the Geometry pipeline almost double the length, of the text, I have seen this bug before but it seemed to have been fixed in the previous V6 update. This i can live with, but in the same file its also decided to scale the text up in all the panels. I have seen this before when I have opened files on another computer not running a 4k screen but not when I am on the same machine. It would be great to have this bug fixed ASAP as i can’t keep going around files making the panel text small again so its easier to read.

Also having issues with the Workspace layout changing after updates. (Note the Screen background is not an issue its more all the toolbars command line and docked toolbars are moved/compressed.

After latest update:

How it should look:


Another Bug?

Switching off Include Locked Objects on the Geometry Pipeline does not pick up any Geo from Rhino. Even if every thing on the layer is unlocked or some are locked. Even when the layer is current in Rhino so not locked either.

Angle vs Expression seems to give different results too…

@DavidRutten any thoughts on the tread?

Hi @DavidRutten

Back on this as having similar issues with value list component as I am with geo pipeline input.

Value lists seem to have a similar issue where the more you type the wider the white space start and end becomes.

I have not had a chance to check if the Geo Pipeline lock object bug or angle bug has been fixed, but still having issues with the Geo Pipeline doubling in length if the text gets part the midpoint of the input box.

I have tested the geo pipeline and value list in R7 WIP and they still don’t seem to be resolved. I know they are just papercuts but would be great to get them fixed in V6 as well.

Cheers Matt