Bugs in Rhino : Mac version 5.1 - 5B161

Hello, I’ve been using Rhino extensively at work and have found several bugs:

  • If I’m selecting multiple items by holding shift (or command-shift to select individuals from within groups) and I click somewhere where there are two choices of selectable objects, then the normal “Choose objects” mini selection dropdown appears BUT the items that I selected so far begin to move as if I had dragged them or done a “move” command. All while the dropdown is still active.

  • Several commands that bring up dialog boxes to fine-tune the operation - such as BlendCrv, Hatch, etc - do not respond to the Enter or Spacebar key which should trigger the “OK” button.

  • I run Hatch and have objects pre-selected, but do not have the Boundary option checked yet. I click the Boundary checkbox in the popup window and then go about my business of selection regions to fill. When I click OK, nothing happens; the popup stays there and the command continues expecting more regions to be clicked in. I can manually close the popup by clicking the red X button at the top left of it, but the command in fact keeps running same as if the popup were there. Escape exits the command entirely, but does not hatch any of the regions I selected of course.

  • With the “Choose Objects” mini selection dropdown appears, you must manually click on one of the options. In Rhino for Windows, the user can simply hit Enter or Spacebar to select the first item in the dropdown and continue with selecting things or running commands.

  • If I have a file with many layers and sub-layers and sub-sub-layers, sometimes the Layer dropdown (in Basic section of the Object tab of the Properties window) incorrectly displays the hierarchy and order of the layers. For example, a main layer might appear to be a sublayer of another main layer, when it clearly shows in my Layers tab of the Properties window that these are distinct layers. This is even more confusing because I have sublayers that have the same name as other sublayers in other layer sets (picture layers called: LVL1 and LVL2 with a WINDOWS sublayer on each one.

  • Draw order can get very strange if, for example, I have lines from a 2D drawings in the same model as 3D geometry. If the lines have been “SentToBack” then they are not visible even when they are in front of the 3D shapes, i.e. facing toward the camera. (They act like the drawing grid acts; it always renders as behind objects, even when the objects are technically in front of it)

If I think of more, I’ll add them here. It’s been great on the whole so far. Can’t wait for the full package to be equally as good as the Windows version!

Hi Drek - thanks, so far I can verify the Hatch problem… it actually looks like it is working, sort of, here, but the preview is all messed up - so when you’ve done selecting regions, Enter, not OK. The preview is lost if there are no hatch patterns loaded - which may be what you are running into (?) but OK on the dialog does create the hatch as expected. Kinda wonky… As far as I can see if you load the default hatches (Gear button in the dialog) it’s all easier to follow. The hatches should be loaded into the dialog and one chosen as the default so the preview does not go blank.


I’ll check the other items in your pile…

The select one object menu seems better here than you are describing - Enter or Right click or Spacebar gets the currently highlighted object, arrow keys go up and down the list in the pop up menu - that is not working for you?

Got that, thanks. http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MR-2607