Bug's in Default keyboard shortcut assignments

Home (on Notebook Pos 1) = UndoView
Shift+Home (on Notebook Pos 1) = CPlane > Undo

Ctrl+Alt+L = Unlock !!! Write’s O in command prompt ( is false set to Ctrl+Alt+E)
Ctrl+Alt+E = declared for Zoom All Extens, activated Unlock
Ctrl+Shift+S = declared for Split, activated command Lock
Ctrl+Shift+L = declared for UnlockSelected, does nothing
Ctrl+Shift+E = declared for Zoom Extens, activated command UnlockSelected
Ctrl+L = declared for Lock, does nothing
Ctrl+J = declared for Join, does nothing
Ctrl+B = declared for Block, does nothing
F5 = declared for SelectionFilterToggle, does nothing

Ctrl+F1 = SetMaximizedViewport > Top
Ctrl+F2 = SetMaximizedViewport > Front
Ctrl+F3 = SetMaximizedViewport > Right
Ctrl+F4 = SetMaximizedViewport > Perspective

RH7 Initial installation was activated with German UI,
installed with three localization DE, CZ, ENU.
Changed to ENU → These four Hotkeys not works, because the german nomenclature for views is sought,
changed back to DE, again not work, views are not translated to DE

You can see, UI DE view name in ENU

And here another not translated in ENU UI