Bugs and improvements


There is a list of some bugs I found in Rhino 5.

  1. By using the command “Text” and settings text alignment to the right, I get this result. See the Anchor point on the image below which is not located at the extreme right of the text. The font used is “Gautami”, but many other font are giving me the same result (not all fonts by the way).

  2. When using the command “BlockEdit” over a block instance that contains geometries with mappings, All mapping positions are resetted to [0,0,0].

  3. In the texture mapping properties, the button “1,1,1”, set the size of the mapping to 1,1,1. But it also "center the mapping Inside its previous size. I think this button should ONLY modify the size and keep the mapping origin at the same place.

  4. Also, I would to have a new “button” to size the map in relation to the texture ratio.

![2013-07-05 08-51-09.jpg][1]
[1]: https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/NI8lvU0HSkOXRmV7S6J4

The first problem looks like it’s display related. If it change the display pipeline to Windows GDI, the text is drawn correctly on the viewport. In OpenGL it’s wrong. We’ll see if we can fix it.

I added a bug report for the second item, but I’m pretty sure it’s already on the bug list.

Another tech is going to look into the third and fourth item.

Thanks for reporting them.

Hi sideprojek,

Do you have a sample file for #3 that shows what you mean? Please send the texture too and let me know if you are using a render plugin please.

I’ll add a feature request for #4 to our list too, thanks for the suggestion.

How can I upload files to the topic?

Just drag and drop a 3dm file and other files to the upload window that pops up.

There it is, I simply did a PDF file with some print screen to explain my point. Hope this help.

[Rhino5 Mapping 1,1,1 Improvement.pdf][1]
[1]: https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/83G6FDBrRquofkUlQd2b

Thanks for taking the time to illustrate that. I’ll file this now but I think it will be seen as a feature request as some users may expect a center point origin scaling versus a lower left corner origin scale. You can move the mapping widget using Osnaps in the meantime though I suspect you already figured that out.

Edit: On second thought and look, you may actually have found a bug here and I’ll file it that way. The Planar mapping origin is the lower left but the 1x1x1 scale uses the bounding center point for an origin. The Gumball when set to align to object should in my opinion be moving to the lower left but it does not currently. This could then be used for the origin scale without adding additional UI elements. Thanks again.