Buggy Surface with flipped side - Blend Surface, Sweep 2 failing

when i try to blend the upper edge of this polysurface the middle flips the direction

when i try with sweep2 instead the surface does not properly connect to the actual sweep shape

tried in v7 and v8

wonky tonk.3dm (350.0 KB)

it contains a singularity at the top, but is that really the problem?

the singularity is the problem…

sweep 2 works great with the continuity set to position, but set to tangency or curvature gets baffled by the singularity

then why would that be the problem? also that means that all geometry created by sweep2 and option point at the ends for instance will be creating issues for further processing, i wonder if there is nothing the developers can do?

Explode the model. Create “Sweep 2 rails” with the “Position” option. Then apply “Match surface” with the following settings:
“Continuity: Tangency”
“Match edges by closest points”
“Preserve isocurve direction”
“Distance: 0.001 units”