Buggish - changing varying dimension objects' styles via Properties

I have a number of dimensions that have at least two or more different styles applied, and I want to change them all to a specific style. I do a SelDim (I am in a layout) - the Properties automatically goes to the Object properties tab. I then switch to the dimension tab, and under style, I don’t see “varies” - I see only one of the styles of the selected dimension. If I want to change all to one of the styles I can’t - even re-selecting the style in the dropdown doesn’t change the other styles.

This does not happen if I manually select one dimension, go to the dimension tab, then select another dimension of a different style - there I get “varies” correctly, and I can change all to one specific style.

Follow the instructions in the first paragraph exactly, or you will not see the problem… The bug seems to happen when it switches to the object properties tab and then back to the dimension tab.

Hi Mitch- checking, thanks.

@Helvetosaur - here, (I believe I am following your blow by blow), I have, in a layout, three dimensions with varying styles.
If I SelDim with no selection, the Properties panel goes straight to the dimension tab and I see and I see all the styles available and it all works as far as I can see.

So- what build are you using? maybe something got fixed or I am being dense.

Mitch, here’s what I see in 7.3:


I’m on 7.3.21026.13001, 26-Jan-21…

I will try to make a quick video - as soon as I cool down and get over another #$#%! problem I have with linetype scale going from V6 to V7…

Does this explain it?

(When all the dimensions get selected it’s because I typed SelDim

Hm - and does my clip above show what you expect to happen, or am I not doing it right to show the problem?


Funny thing is when you do a SelDim, it goes directly to the dimensions tab. Here it goes to the object properties tab. Mine doesn’t look like yours either…


Wait - try adding an angular and a diameter dimension to your set of dimensions… that’s what looks different.

Hi Mitch - adding an angular dim makes it go to general Properties - that makes sense, but if I go to the Dimension tab, it Varies and if I choose a style from the list it changes the linear dims and not the angular dims, and if I go to angular and make the change, it affects the angular dims not the linear ones… I guess the upshot is you need to make the change in two places. Are we getting to the bottom of it?


Yeah, that looks like it. My issue is that if you select all together, you expect them all to change but they don’t. I didn’t realize that they needed to be addressed separately.

Hi Mitch, I think this is getting addressed now by McNeel techs. Listed as a Mac issue but the Windows version also needs attention.

As a workaround while waiting for 8.x which is the target for fixing this, here is a quickie script for changing dimension styles of a number of selected dimensions in one shot - even if the types are mixed. After selecting the dimensions, it puts up a list box with all the dimension styles in the document, choose one and OK. The previously used style is highlighted in the listbox by default. Note that text blocks (which also have an annotation style) have specifically been excluded from being selected for this.

ChangeObjDimStyle.py (1.2 KB)