[BUG] Wrong font by PDF open/import


Considering the following pdf file: test_text.pdf (344.5 KB)

  • created with Word 2010
  • two paragraphs: one with ‘Segoe UI’ font, the other with ‘Segoe UI Semibold’:

Importing this file in Rhino 7 generates crappy results:

  1. The fonts are incorrect: for some reason, the text font is now ‘Segoe MDL2 Assets’
  2. Some inconsistent spaces are randomly added:

System Info:

Rhino 7 SR4 2021-2-16 (Rhino 7, 7.4.21047.11001, Git hash:master @ fcf2374e901bd5fefe6baacfa9d0554aff427bac)
License type: Commercial, build 2021-02-16
License details: LAN Zoo Network Node

Windows 10.0.18363 SR0.0 or greater (Physical RAM: 32Gb)

Hello - I see that, thanks.

AI complains about missing fonts with this file -

I am not sure what can be done about this but I’ll ask…


Ok, thanks.
From what I’m aware of, ‘Segoe UI’ should be a standard typeface shipped with Windows 10, so if you’re on Windows, that message is a bit odd.

But I’m kinda lost now. I printed the pdf with PDFCreator (instead of the standard MS Word > SaveAs > pdf):
test_text_PDFCreator.pdf (58.3 KB)

The result is much better, except that the right part of the text is somehow shifted to the left:

I also noticed that the encoding seems to differ (AcrobatReader > Properties > Fonts):

  • SaveAs pdf from Word: ANSI encoding
  • PDFCreator: integrated encoding

same problem


Hi -

Do you have that font on your system?
Also, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.