Bug with trimmed surfaces or curves + fillets?

Hey everyone,

Having issues with a polyline that I’ve trimmed and then used bezier span to create a smooth fillet to bridge the gap. It works in Rhino (see image) but even with a regular old fillet, Shapediver just doesn’t respect the curves! I was wondering if anyone could help?


Here is the Shapediver scene: https://app.shapediver.com/m/issues-with-model


Can you post your GH model here? It looks like you might have split a surface to get a piece to cover each side and then used List Item with an index value that got the correct surface fragment for you but ShapeDriver got a different fragment?

Generally it’s better to use some criteria like area to choose which of the surface fragments you want from SrfSplit (Surface Split). Fixed index values are not reliable because fragments are not guaranteed to be in any particular sequence. This has always been true in my experience with Grasshopper.

I don’t think that’s it, I know I said surfaces in the topic title, my mistake; I used a trimmed set of curves. Please see the attached, and thanks for the help! The bevel areas are in the large group to the upper right. I hope my labeling makes sense.Leg Builder v2.6.gh (72.8 KB)

I am using a list item to grab a specific control vertice out of the spline for both the front and back bevels.

I don’t have the ShapeDiver plugin. Your model doesn’t work at all for me. It’s much more complex than I expected for what appears to be a rather simple shape. I see a group called ‘Foot Side Surfaces’ that uses SrfSplit and List Item exactly as I suggested:

Leg Builder v2.6_2

Yea, I realized after I posted. But that trim is only capping the sides of the extrusion. I have tried taking just the curves and extruding them, so no trimming. The extruded surfaces do not include the filleted edge. Instead they come to a sharp corner.

The model won’t work without the shapediver plugin, the beginning inputs are all shapediver input nodes.

Definitely looking to learn, maybe my model is too crazy. There’s a lot of logic in it to make it fully adjustable and robust but I’m sure there are more efficient ways to do things. I used a lot of multiplication×-1 nodes for example, to change the direction of a vector.

It looks a tolerance issue but I couldn’t yet identify it. I will get back to you when I do.

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