Bug with technical mode and transparency

For a work i need draw over a 3ds file client.

the semi-transparent mode is good but we can’t just hide the tangent edges of meshes.

I then tested the technical mode with a material color and transparency.

When an object is selected, there is no problem:


When i active the shadow, all is right:


Rhino 6 SR11 2018-11-13 (Rhino 6, 6.11.18317.13431, Git hash:master @ 7abdb8747f1230000ab556dca3e88434e6838847)
Licence type: Commerciale, version 2018-11-13
License details: Cloud Zoo.  In use by: Jean Marie Vrecq ()

Windows 10.0 SR0.0 or greater (Physical RAM: 32Gb)
Machine name: DESKTOP-P6N61SC

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 (OpenGL ver:4.6.0 NVIDIA 416.34)

OpenGL Settings
  Safe mode: Off
  Use accelerated hardware modes: On
  Redraw scene when viewports are exposed: On
  Anti-alias mode: 4x
  Mip Map Filtering: Linear
  Anisotropic Filtering Mode: Height
  Vendor Name: NVIDIA Corporation
  Render version: 4.6
  Shading Language: 4.60 NVIDIA
  Driver Date: 10-10-2018
  Driver Version:
  Maximum Texture size: 32768 x 32768
  Z-Buffer depth: 24 bits
  Maximum Viewport size: 32768 x 32768
  Total Video Memory: 11 GB

Rhino plugins
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\SolidTools.rhp	"SolidTools"	
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Commands.rhp	"Commands"	6.11.18317.13431
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\WebBrowser.rhp	"WebBrowser"	
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\rdk.rhp	"Renderer Development Kit"	
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\RhinoScript.rhp	"RhinoScript"	
  E:\Application\Graphics\3d\Modeleur\Rhino\Développement\Rex\Rex\bin\Rex.rhp	"Rex"
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\IdleProcessor.rhp	"IdleProcessor"	
  E:\Application\Graphics\3d\Modeleur\Rhino\Grasshopper\Plugin\Elefront\elefront0410\ElefrontProperties.rhp	"ElefrontProperties"
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\RhinoRender.rhp	"Rhino Render"	
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\rdk_etoui.rhp	"RDK_EtoUI"	6.11.18317.13431
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\rdk_ui.rhp	"Renderer Development Kit UI"	
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\NamedSnapshots.rhp	"Snapshots"	
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Alerter.rhp	"Alerter"	
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\RhinoCycles.rhp	"RhinoCycles"	6.11.18317.13431
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Toolbars\Toolbars.rhp	"Toolbars"	6.11.18317.13431
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\3dxrhino.rhp	"3Dconnexion 3D Mouse"	
  C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Displacement.rhp	"Displacement"	


I can reproduce the error (without my custom plugin)

simply draw a solid cube and a line, then activate the object color and transparency in Technical, Artistic or Pencil mode (without shadow).

In fact, it is the line that produces that. I tested with 800 box everything is fine.
If I add a simple line, the problem comes.

Hello - we see this in some files, there is a bug report that appears to be about the same -


(I can see the problem reported in the bug with the files supplied, here, but I do not see what you show with the box and line, so far.
No, I lied I see it now - thanks, I’ll make a separate bug report. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-49502 )

@jeff will know better if these are all the same thing…


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Note: This problem has also come in semi-transparent mode. I hid all the curves of the scene, then I displayed them again and everything returned to normal.