Bug with * mark in Latest

Opening the “latest” page there were about a dozen items marked as unread with an *. Each time I read one then went back to the “latest” page with the browser control, the line item in “latest” would briefly change to yellow then back and the * would disappear. I guess that’s how it’s supposed to work.

However, after the first three or four times, the * stopped disappearing. What’s with this?

BTW: after I switched to the the “new”, then the “unread” pages and then back to the “latest” page, all the *'s were gone, since I had read all the unread messages while on the “latest” page the first time.

This is on Safari 6.0.5/OSX 10.8.4

The discourse developers tell me this is because of how we have our Discourse server set up. In the next week or so we should have the setup fixed, and this problem should go away.