Bug with headless documents using feet and inches

I have noticed an inconsistency while using the headless import command with 3dm files that were saved using Feet and Inches unit systems. This is the minimal setup I am using (file attached below):

221027_ImportHeadlessTest.gh (3.6 KB)

This script works as expected when I import files that were saved with any of the metric system options. However, when saving using one of the imperial units, the import usually fails to apply the scale that was used in the original document. This can be tested, for example, using the file below (3dm file saved using the “Feet, Feet and Inches” unit system). When I import it using the Rhino Import option versus using the attached script, the scale difference can be noticed (note that this happens even if I am currently in a document using the exact same unit system as the one the file was saved in). The same issue does not happen with the file saved using a metric unit system (attached as well).
Rectangle_Millimeters.3dm (19.2 KB)
Rectangle_Feet&Inches.3dm (19.4 KB)