Bug with extrusion in rhino 6 (Solved)

Hello all
recently we have find a bug.
whit the extrusion command:
The result is bad if the angle tappered is to litle!!!
Example i draw a closed polycurve with à angle. if the angle is to litle then
the extrusion command is bad the top face is wrong, ont the left pictur, a edge is missing but ont the right picture the extrusion is good because the angle is more big than the angle of the lef picture.<a class=“attachment”

link file
Bug pente extrusion.3dm (70.4 KB)

The bug is also present in rhino 5.

My version de rhino 6 is :
Rhino 6, 6.11.18338.9511

Hello - thanks- can you please link the file directly to your post using the upload button?



Oups Sorry :slight_smile: its good :slight_smile:

Hello - yeah, this came up some time ago - here is the relevant bug report:


The upshot is that if UseExtrusions is set to make polysurfaces and not extrusion objects, then the shallow kink will be ‘repsected’ but not in an extrusion object.


Hi I have used the UseExtrusions command with the option polysurface. and the problem is again present.

Ah - yes - there is one more step - the angle will pay attention to the angle toierance setting in DocumentProperties > Units page - this is 1 in your file and the angle is .877. Set the tolerance to .1 and I think you’ll get the expected object.


Yes Very thanks i have succeeded

Best regards