Bug with _-export


just noticed that when I try to use the command _-export (as a pdf) on a dot line, it changes the scale of the dot line (this change depends on the position of the camera). The command _export works fine though.

Is there a solution to make it work? I use this command in a Python script because I have a lot of drawings to export as pdf, and would be good if I don’t have to do it manually. I use the command _-export instead of _export to change the selected windows in the option “ViewportArea=Windows” so using _export is not a solution… Thank you for your help.



Hi JB- see if in _-Export, once the pdf file is specified, you can set the parameters for
SetUp > ObjectSizes > Linetypes, within the -Export command


Hey Pascal thank for the reply. I use ‘UseDisplay’ for the Linetype.

If I use ‘UsePatternDefinition’, I get a random dot spacing with my dot lines that I don’t know how to set up.

Hi JB- It seems to work here - can you post a file with curves that do not work right? Maybe I am not looking at the right thing.


Hey Pascal,

Here’s the file.

Dot line.3dm (15.2 KB)

And the command history:

Loading Neon for Rhino, version Aug 23 2013 05:19:36
Loading Rhino Render, version 1.50, Jun 9 2014, 15:23:21
Command: _Polyline
Start of polyline ( PersistentClose=No ):
Next point of polyline ( PersistentClose=No Mode=Line Helpers=No Undo ):
Next point of polyline. Press Enter when done ( PersistentClose=No Mode=Line Helpers=No Length Undo ):
1 curve added to selection.
Command: SetLinetypeScale
New linetype scale <1>: 100
Command: -Export
Save file name ( Version=5 SaveSmall=No GeometryOnly=No SaveTextures=No SavePlugInData=Yes Browse ): sergters.pdf
Save ( Go Setup Preview ): Setup
Setup ( Destination View Margins ObjectSizes Visibility ): ObjectSizes
ObjectSizes ( Linetype=UsePatternDefinition LineWidthScale=1 DefaultLineWidth=0 PointObject=0.5 Arrowhead=2 Textdot=10 ): Linetype=UseDisplay
ObjectSizes ( Linetype=UseDisplay LineWidthScale=1 DefaultLineWidth=0 PointObject=0.5 Arrowhead=2 Textdot=10 ):
Setup ( Destination View Margins ObjectSizes Visibility ):
Save ( Go Setup Preview ):
File successfully written as C:\Users\Seamus\Desktop\sergters.pdf
Command: CommandHistory

Thank you for your help,


Hi JB- I see that, thanks - it looks like running -Export also resets the linetype scale if it has been set before, do you see that?


Yes, I see that when I set up Linetype=UseDisplay.

But when I set up Linetype=UsePatternDefinition, the scale changes as well, but differently: the scale after using -export depends on the view. For example, I setLinetypeScale = 100. After using -export, I get setLinetypeScale = 69.18. Then I zoom in and I setLinetypeScale = 100, I will get setLinetypeScale<69.18 after using -export.

So in a nutsheel, when you zoom in, the scale becomes smaller, when you zoom out, the scale becomes larger