BUG - Window stays grey when opening file


I have a problem with a file I am working on. When I try to open it, the Rhino screen stays grey, without opening the file. I am working on Rhino 7 Beta and have asked a partner who is working on Rhino 7, but she has the same problem. Last time I closed the file normally.

Anyone who could help?

Thank you!



Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 15.49.50|690x425

Hi Anna - Is this happening with just that one file? If so, can you post it here or upload it on https://www.rhino3d.com/upload? Make sure to add the address of this thread in the comments field.

Dear Wim,

Thank you for your reply. Yes indeed it only happens with this one file. I have sent the file via the link that you have mentioned in your answer.

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Hi Anna - that file opened without problems on my Mac. Just to start somewhere, I sent you that same file saved with a different name - does that open?

Dear Wim,

Thank you so much for your help. I have been able to open the file. A similar problem happened with another Rhino 7 file, and someone else has been able to open it. I am wondering if this might be related to the fact that both files are stored on Dropbox; both times other people sharing the Dropbox folder met the same problem whilst people who were not part of the Dropbox folder were able to open both files.

Anyways, thanks a lot!

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Hi Anna -
A quick follow-up on this one. We have found a bug in Rhino 7 for Mac that will cause the behavior that you noticed. This happens when you have saved and closed your file when you were working in a layout.

The bug fix will be in an upcoming service release candidate.
Until you install that update, the work-around to open such file is to import that file into a new blank file. The work-around to prevent that happening is to save your file in model space.

Hi @wim,

Any update on when this will be fixed? For a while it was working for me to switch over to model space and save, but now even when I do that, the file tries to open in layout view and gets stuck. Means that every time I have to close + reopen the file (i.e. to solve other display bugs like the scroll zoom not working), I have to instead open a new blank file and re-import both the file and the layout.