Bug when placing camera target

Hi all,

this bug has been around forever and recently it annoys me more and more so I thought I’d finally report it…
I move the camera target quite often (via a custom shortcut), so that I can zoom and rotate around an exact point.
This works perfectly, however, whenever I rotate the camera in perspective view so that I’m looking at the model upside down (so that the z-axis is pointing downwards), then placing the target tilts the view by some degrees.
I’d really appreciate to see this fixed in an upcoming SR.

Kind regards,

I reported something similar to this awhile back… Don’t know if it’s the same bug…


Hi, I’m seeing this too, but I don’t even need to be looking at the model up side down. I run PlaceTarget, and the Perspective Viewport behaves properly for maybe 1 or 2 rotations, then goes completely bonkers - like I placed the target way off in the distance… VERY frustrating, as this is a command I use every few minutes.