BUG: _-viewcapture to file pixel value ignored in current V7 WIP

Hi all,

Try to type this in the command line:


On my end it’s ignoring the Width value.

This is how it works in V6:

This is V7 WIP:

Hi Gustavo - LockAspectRatio=Yes will force this - you need to set that to No to get independent sizing.


oooh… so lock aspect ration will force to only listen to ONE of the two: width and height options, correct? …and why is taking in the height (second value in the macro) instead of the width (first value)?

Also I think the “lock aspect ratio” is working backwards of what I would expect. I want to lock it to the pixel values that I’m asking, not to the random aspect ration of my viewport, which will be dependent on unrelated things like size of side panels (layer/properties tabs). Does that make sense? …Or releasing the lock will give me what I want?


release the lock.

Hi Gustavo- if the lock is on, it should adjust the whichever number you do not change to keep the aspect ratio constant matching the number you do change.