BUG: v8 wip + Sonoma public beta - UI panels not displaying properly

Latest v8 wip + Sonama public beta.

UI panels, only one displays on each side of the default layout, the other(s) are there but are blank. See screenshots comparing v7 to v8.

Doesn’t matter what display mode type (ogl or metal).
This morning I can’t get the right side UI panels to even drag in/out of the side, in order to have two with a horizontal split which is strange. Last time I loaded the v8, I was able to, but only one would display, the other blank.
Multiple panels display fine if floating on their own. This is only when snapping them into the sidebars.

hi @James_Hollingdale we are aware of this bug. It is listed as RH-75678 UI problems with macOS Sonoma

hey @Gijs

Just installed the wip update where you guys say RH-75678 is fixed.
Sadly it is not fixed for me - issue persists exactly as before.


hi @James_Hollingdale, when an issue is fixed, it means it will appear in the next WIP. That will be most likely next Tuesday.

hey again @Gijs , I can’t remember now what the popup said. I open Rhino wip yesterday, the new update available widow appeared, I scrolled down to the Mac notes and saw the RH-75678 saying fixed. Installed update.

If not then I avidly await next week :slight_smile:

@James_Hollingdale the fix is not yet in a public build.

Also, when an issue gets fixed, each thread on discourse that is containing the link to it, like this thread, will be automatically notified.