Bug: V6 WIP patch command

Hello? I don’t know this is the right place to report a bug about Rhino V6 wip version.
If anyone knows where I can report a bug, let me know it, plz.
When I run a patch, I found a bug on ‘patch’ command.
It trims the inner region not outer one.
Following one is v5 patch result.

And following one is v6 patch result.


patch_test.3dm (26.6 KB)

Thanks for the report.

Until we get it fixed, you can work-around the problem by flipping the direction of the curve.

To work around, I made a following custom GH component to trim outer region.
Could you let me know a tip how to code it with some more elegant(?) way to work-around?

private void RunScript(List curves, ref object patch)
double maxLength = -1;
Curve crvBound = null;
foreach(Curve crv in curves)
double crvLength = crv.GetLength();
if(crvLength > maxLength)
maxLength = crvLength;
crvBound = crv;

double tolerance = 0.005;

bool[] option = {false, false, false, false};
Brep brep = Brep.CreatePatch(curves, null, 6, 6, false, false,
  0.2, 5, 0, option, tolerance);

Brep cutter1 = Extrusion.Create(crvBound, 5, false).ToBrep();
Brep cutter2 = Extrusion.Create(crvBound, -5, false).ToBrep();
cutter1.Join(cutter2, tolerance, true);
Brep[] trimmed = brep.Trim(cutter1, tolerance);

patch = trimmed[0];


Sorry, I don’t do any coding at all.

RH-40243 is fixed in the latest WIP