Bug - V6 Beta hangs when trying to load custom V5 workspace

So the first thing I did after installing the V6 Beta was try to load my V5 workspace into it, but it just hung… .rui file available if you need…


That would be good to have, thanks.

Too big to upload here… Here’s a link… --Mitch

Anyone able to test this?

I had to copy the text into a new text document and then rename it RUI. This doesn’t work here trying to load it into v6 as you reported but it doesn’t hang. To limit the potential issues here, can you email me the RUI please and let me know what version of Rhino (SR?) was used to make it originally?

@JohnM are you aware of anything still in the works for RUI support in v6 that might be a factor here?

I can load the RUI you sent (in email) in the latest v6 so I guess the older build which is a placeholder for the WIP had an issue.

OK, looks like I need to wait for a new build then…

Thanks, --Mitch

I am not aware of anything still in the works but I have been seeing some interesting reports in JetBrains regarding invalid characters in RUI files when they are parsed.

There’s a new build!

OK, the workspace now loads, thanks… However, the bitmap images are all completely fuzzy. :frowning:


Can you send screen shots of what the workspace looks like in Rhino 5 and Rhino 6? @stevebaer started some work to make Rhino display well on high-resolution screens, I’m guessing it’s related here, as the icon images get scaled up (and therefore may look fuzzy).

@brian, @stevebaer Sorry for the long wait… Attached are images of my crisp V5 icons and my fuzzy V6…
You may need to open the images in an external editor to see the effect better…




Strange. Are you working with a high resolution display? There were changes I made to account for high DPI displays and this may be where the bug is coming from.

Nope - that’s my laptop with a standard HD 1920 x 1080 display. --Mitch

Okay, I’ve added a bug report for this and will try to look into it soon

@Helvetosaur, I’m reviewing some older outstanding bugs and ran across this one. Are you still seeing fuzzy UI in V6?

Hi @stevebaer, yes, this seems to be fine now, the UI appears sharp, it’s only me that is getting fuzzy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks Mitch; I’m right there with ya on getting fuzzy