BUG: User Text Attached to Geometry

Hi all,

Reporting what seems like a bug in the UserText functionality.

In the Rhino help file the following is stated in regards to user text:



Attaches text information to the object geometry.

If the information is closely associated with the geometry, attach it to the geometry. For example, a circle’s radius should be attached to the geometry because the information will be invalid if the circle is control-point edited and changed into a NURBS curve.

I would expect the user text attached to geometry to be cleared when the geometry changes. Editing the control points of a circle with a user text string attached to geometry does not clear the user text.

If you split the circle in two with a line, both resulting curves retain geometry user text.

Only when trimming the circle with a line is the geometry user text cleared.

Is this the expected behaviour and just badly explained in the help file, or is it actually a bug?


I would consider it a bug. Your exact report is true for UserText and partially ObjectData.

Using ObjectData, a circle remembers its data after point editing. (which results in a polycurve). Once that polycurve is exploded, the ObjectData is purged correctly. If this behaviour has to be changed, a lot of commands are in need of update. Eg. Creating a subcurve from the circle will keep ObjectData but not UserText.


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