Bug? use color mask on picture frames/textures

i assume that the masking should actually create some sort of transparency and that if selecting white for instance that the rest should be shown and white should be masked.

right now it does not react to any colour, ignoring also the tolerance.

left the image with the bicycle is surrounded by 255 rgb, on the right a png with transparency, i would expect that one should be able to mask the white on the left away or am i mistaken? i even had the feeling that actually worked in V5 or was it even in the Mac Beta not sure anymore.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-27 um 21.43.21

Yep, broken on Mac - thanks for the report.

RH-64416 Picture: Color mask ignored on Mac


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@pascal i tried today just randomly and it seems to be working again, can you confirm that? the bugtracker is still open and set to V8, was that sneakily put back into place without announcing or did it revert back because some other accidents? :man_shrugging: