BUG: Undo randomly doesn't work. Requires restart

I just accidentally deleted something important and undo didn’t work!!! Required a restart and now it’s working. WTF

Hi Peter - were you working on large or complicated geometry? Say a large (many faces) mesh object? It is possible you ran out of Undo space - not saying that is what happened, but it would be good to know what geometry was involved.


I was setting up lights, specifcally rectangular lights using rhinos lights tab. It seems when I do anything to lights, my undo and redo get turned off…

Hi Peter - I will test - if you have a blow-by-blow that will produce this, I’d love to hear about it.


I was just able to reproduce it. As soon as I moved one of the lights, undo no longer works and I must restart the program.

So, you move a rectangular light, and then Undo and it does not move back - is there any message at the command line? What if you do more Undos, does anything else, done previously, undo? I gather not but just making sure.