Bug: Toolbar changes not saved on exit

Toolbar changes are not saved when

  • you save a file
  • exit rhino

Toolbar changes are saved when

  • you exit rhino AND save a file.
  • Options->Toolbars->File->Save

This is very frustrating. I wrote a macro and lost it because of this bug:


I wrote the macro again and saved it to the toolbar, but didn’t save the file on exit. I rarely save on exit. Normally, I save my file, break all of the history (grouped surfaces => joined surfaces) and export as an OBJ file.

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I support this. There should be a better way to export custom buttons.



Toolbar changes are saved when you exit Rhino. It is not necessary to save the file.

Toolbar changes are also saved immediately via Options->Toolbars->File->Save as you noted, which can also be run as a macro: ! _-Toolbar _Collection _SaveAll _Enter _Enter

The thing is that if you have more than one instance of Rhino open, each one that exits saves (overwrites) the existing toolbar file. So if you make changes in one, then exit, but another instance is running which doesn’t have the same changes, when you exit that, the changes made by the first instance exiting will be lost (overwritten).

A corollary is that if you make changes to the toolbar file in one instance and do not immediately save those changes, and then open another instance (while leaving the first instance running), the new instance will not have your changes from the first instance - as they are only saved when you exit the instance or force an immediate save as outlined above.

The takeaway: Only modify your toolbars with only one instance running. Then force save your changes immediately to make sure they are applied and you don’t forget and open a new instance before doing so.


You’re right Mitch. I tested this with one instance of Rhino V6, but there was a V5 in the background…and I forgot and deleted my macro script again while testing without V5 running.

Hmm, that shouldn’t change things - V5 and V6 should be independent… unless you are using the same toolbar file for both - which I’m not even sure is possible, but if it is, it would be a very bad idea…