Bug: Tone Mapping Refresh (logarithmic)

How is the tone mapping controlled? Sometimes, it looks it is controlled per viewport. Sometimes it seems controlled by the named view.
The confusion seems to arise because the Tone Mapping is not “refreshed” when you change NamedView. The non “refreshing” of raytraced also happens with sunlight changes.

And is there a way to control change Tone Mapping through the command line?
Thanks, N

Tone mapping is a post effect. I am not sure if post effects are part of named views, so I can’t answer to that.

But post effects are either through the viewport (Raytraced viewport) or the document settings (for _Render)

I am not aware of a commands that can change post effects for either viewports (with realtime displays) or documents.

Well. They seem to be stored with the named views.
But there are a few things that make it really difficult and confusing to figure that out.
I have changed the post name to Bug:.
See below video and description.

  1. When you have two Raytraced views (sometimes even in the first [@8secs in video] ), the Post Effects settings initially do not show up, you need to jump from one viewport to the other. This in conjunction with the next really gets confusing.
  2. When you change named views while in raytraced [@56secs in video], the view takes the previous tone mapping. when you go to ghosted [@01:26 in video] and back to raytraced, you see that the named view did take the tone mapping, but…
  3. After coming back to the raytraced, the setting numbers do not update [@01:36] and stay with the previous settings until you go in and out of the menu, or change viewport and back.

Do you have the file to share for the dev to use while investigating and fixing this?

Either way I have logged: RH-82813 Tone mapping settings not updating correctly

240630 ToneMapping Refresh.3dm (154.1 KB)
Here it is.
The file has 3 views (001, 002, 003) with 3 different tone mapping settings. View 1 and 3 are actually the same point of view with different settings.
The mismatch between what is in the screen and what is in the settings is really confusing - even if you know the issue you tend to forget it and believe your eyes…