BUG: Tables - Going back and selecting more fields adds duplicates in the last dialogue

Kind of difficult to explain, this gif should help:

Hi Roi,
Thanks to report that. I will let you know when we fix this.

Hi @rheinason,

This issue was already solved on the 2.5.1 version which is the latest one we released and that you can find on our website.


Hello there,
And still there is another bug: what is the use of multiplication of some attributes? Why do I need a total height of all the doors, for example? If so, why the widths aren’t multiplicated? When I have a table for doors or windows, it would be quite enough to have one single value for the height and width for one entry. Take a look at the picture, there are several types of doors, with width (S), height (H) and area (4), and I have some total sums for height and area. It makes no sense… I’d like exact dimensions for a type, not all doors of this type.
Cheers, Jaro

Ok, small explanation… :wink:
The “quantity” resolves the problem, adding all the dimensions to this section gives the proper quantities. You should add all the properties to the “quantity” section that have to be divided to get proper values.

Cheers, Jaro

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Ok, me again :wink:
Would it be possible to add different display precisions for the categories? Now the precision at the tables is the same as in the document, but I don’t need .00 values in tables…
Cheers, Jaro

It would be great you are right. I added this feature to the list!



Thank you for the info!
And there is another bug I think, see the picture. When selecting an elevation as a property field, the VA makes some non-sense distinguishing between 0 and -0 ;). Also, I would love the option to change the geometrical elevation to the named level, I mean instead of, let’s say an elevation “0,00” there could be “ground floor” or anything the user wish (the level name would be the best option). The same is with an opening side, I think except some English based countries we’d like to change “right / left” to our local tags.

Cheers, Jaro

Hi Jaro,

Thank you for pointing out this bugs.

The one about changing the geometrical elevation to the name of the level is going to be possible once we add the option to assign each object to a specific level, which is scheduled for VisualARQ 3.

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