Bug: Tab to Enter Values in SubDBox

there were many command boxes which could not TAB to change numbers before. i see that there has been some major improvement checking some other commands and tabbing through seems far more consistent. i did not check them all but i am happy how that turns out thanks @dan i think you were on that if i remember correct. if not thanks to who ever did that finally :partying_face:

SubDBox is still missing that overhaul

As far as I know, we did not do anything. I certainly could be wrong. I suspect that underlying macOS Cocoa bug-fixes are to blame.

ok, then i am actually a bit disappointed, since this was a massive pain. so there is nothing you will change to improve the remaining? i am using catalina by the way, but at some point i will hopefully have an m1 this year, no idea how big sur or whatever comes next will be then.

Can you please be more specific as to how to reproduce the issue you are referring to?

if i remember correct for instance rebuild surface was one example it went to the arrows instead of jumping to the next field, but i believe that was an issue in many other commands either