Bug: strange clipping effects

create a box, put the camera inside, set to rendered.

when i explode the box it looks like expected. also when i change the material from plaster to plastic and turn on 10 percent transparency, the image comes to live.

ambient occlusion turned on, and independent from how far away or close i am.

What are your ground plane settings?

hi Martin, it was set to on, but when i turn them off the entire screen gets blank. something is not working… and when i set it to off and explode the block i get another strange clipping effect.

here i selecte the outer boundary surface to show where the surface actually is.

my guess Rhino has some issue with closed objects and maybe camera targets, also navigating in closed objects often if not actually always becomes impossible. that also is the case when i have an object actually occluding the camera partially, navigation also stalls. but that is a tale for a different story

ic… well i am already married… and looks is not all anyway.