Bug? Split with Group

In the attached file I have a loft between two ellipses and I have two grouped closed curves grouped.

If I split using the group curves, I get two splits:

Problem Split.zip (27.3 KB)

I only get one split if I ungroup the curves.

When the curves are ungrouped and you select both as cutters for the split command you should get the same result as when they were grouped. That’s what I’m seeing in both V6 and V7.

However, the two curves behave differently when each is selected as the only cutter. Is that what you are seeing? One of the curves lies on the surface so it only cuts one hole. The other curve is planar and floating off in space, not on the surface. So the curve is extruded to make an effective cutter. This effective cutter cut through the surface twice.

You are correct. It does not matter if they are grouped or selected together.

It just seems like odd behavior, so I saved a file showing. It was not interfering in my ability to do work.