Bug: Spacebar Blend Curve

causes a flip rather than completing the command.

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Keep your shirt on, I’m getting there.

So, here so far, spacebar, on Mac, does nothing if the BlendCrv dialog is open. On Windows it completes the command…


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well it flips the direction, you dont see that? anyway i guess it should just complete the command or is that not intended on the mac?

I guess I would expect it to complete the command, as an Enter.


i noticed that my flip 1 is highlighted which explains why it flips instead of completing the command, i can use tab to move the highlight but it is sticky and resets each time i use the command.

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did you file a youtrack?

To state the obvious, pressing enter does complete the command. I understand you want space to complete the command and close the dialog.

I cannot figure out why Flip 1 is highlighted here and I’ve been poking around for far too long.

Logged here:
RH-62791 BlendCrv dialog: Flip 1 is highlighted by default

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