BUG: solver is sometimes lazy?

Weird one…

I was recreating the small snippet @dharman posted

… And discovered this monster
SolverQuestionmark.ghz (264.3 KB)


When that happens, even simply bringing a new component on the canvas “fixes” the issue… And everything is computed and displayed properly.

I didn’t notice this!

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@antoinemaesantoine, I can’t get over how nice this looks! Just image being able to animate this or use the colours to mess with the mesh!! :star_struck:

@dharman, thanks for sharing your process.

@DavidRutten, thank you.


Yes I can see some Sebastian Lague planet generation vibe here !


Haha I did recently watch that!

I’ve noticed this as well, but you can also try F5 (recompute unsolved, cancelled and failed components) or Shift+F5 (recompute all components). There’s also the solver state icon on the status bar which can be clicked to start a new solution.

The solver clearly sometimes gets confused about the exact order of cancellations and new starts.