Bug(?) - Slider value bounds don't update in Gh-based object styles

I’m using Gh-based object style - in this case a Furniture-type fastener. I have a slider for the height value set to certain bounds (float 135-161, with default value 152.000). In later stage, I now have the need to update this bound (to unrealistic 0-500 in order to catch out-of-bounds cases).

When I update this bound inside the Gh script and update the object style, the changes are not applied.
Also, when the default slider value is updated in the script, the change does not apply to the default value.

The update is successful only if the slider component inside the script is replaced with another slider instance (due to change of component GUID). But if I have a model using the fastener with different values applied - all unique values are lost, because they seem to be tied to the slider GUID instead of the parameter name.

So, I would classify this as a bug, because the updates to slider component’s values are not propagated properly during Gh-based style update.

Hi @Toni_Osterlund ,

When I update the GH file I get the new limits. Are you updating it like this?

You are right about the changes on the slider value, it only works if the slider is replaced by a new one, with the inconvenience that this removes any custom value set to that parameter. We are going to take a look at this.

Kind regards

Does not work for me. I took a new file and copied the object (incl. style).
The I changed the slider’s upper bound to 1000 in the script, updated the style, and tried to input the new maximum. As you can see, the object value capped at 500, which was the old value.

Hi, I created a very simple script for testing, and there it worked when I changed the upper bound to 10.

So there must be some element in the script itself that is preventing the update. Also tried to recreate the style anew, but with same results.
I’ll send it to you Ramon via email so you can take a look.