BUG: Simple Polyline Offset with Plane Fails with C#

Hello folks!
I hope someone can help me to find the best method to offset a polyline with C# and obtain a Polyline?

The offset value guarantees to preserve the same number of segments.
In terms of shape, polyline has no complications of any segment disappearing during its offset but it fails.

Standard Offset fails.
Offset Loose allways work fine.
C# fails as the Standard Offset.

OffsetPolyline.gh (12.8 KB)


Hi @ThomasE,

Seems like GH’s offset component could use an update, I’ll log an issue.


See if this works any better.

OffsetPolyline.gh (5.4 KB)

– Dale

Thank you for the response @dale. and for logging as a Bug.

I expect a Polyline offset to work with its direction positive values on one side, and negative values such as standard components

With Offset method that require directionPoint. A correct point assigment its crucial
I added points and visually this should work but fails with values 0.3 and 0.5. with others works

Probably Offset method with Plane bug its related to this? @DavidRutten

OffsetPolyline_v2.gh (10.4 KB)