Bug: shutlining not working in blocks


I’m working on a train interior and try to apply a shutlining to the leather seats. I use an embedded block for the repeating seats. I apply the shutlining during _blockedit, but if I close the block edit mode than the shutlining effect is gone again. I hope it can be fixed.


I believe there is still shutlining, but applied incorrectly. I’ve logged a bug here https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-56904

Short video of the bug (starting at block insert point setting)

My bug works a little bit different. :wink:

I have a blog and edit this block. The block contain a projected curve on the surface. I assign the shutlining in block edit mode and it looks fine. I confirm the blockedit and the shutlining is gone.

If I edit the block again, than the shutlining options are still there, but no effect can be seen, also if I change the size the effect isn’t updated. Only it works to remove the shutlining and assign again to show the effect.

My workaround is to extract the render mesh and to hide the orginal NURBS at an other layer. So, I can render my project now.

That is exactly what I have in the video:

block contains box and curve. Curve is used for shutlining. I just happened to set that after _Block in _BlockEdit, but behaviour is same if I did the shutlining first, then create a Block out of it, then use BlockEdit.

Ah, I understand.

At my file additional the shutlining effect (3mm size, good to see) disappears and can’t be refreshed anymore. At your video it looks like the relation between curve and object isn’t right fixed and so it could be that the shutlining effect at my seat model is moved outside the area of the model. So, it looks like it disappears and can’t be refreshed or edited.

Thank you for testing it in detail.

Can I refresh this topic just to let you know that I also experience it? I hope it can be fixed closer to Rhino 8, than to Rhino 9. :slight_smile:

Reading the YT, I doubt this will be fixed any time soon. Micha’s workaround is the recommended way for now.