BUG: Selection filters panel resizing inconsistency and strange behavior

Adjusting the size of the Selection Filter leads to inconsistent and strange results. Sometimes if all filters don’t fit into the panel, there is a “show more” arrow, sometimes not. Filters even if they don’t fit do not wrap into two lines, but somehow wrap into 3.

As a work-around, here’s how I arranged my Osnap/Selection Filters that maximizes my screen area:

Thanks, my UI arrangement at the moment is a mess. I’m experimenting a bit, and maybe I will put it somewhere else but I’m very used to having it at the bottom. My case is also slightly different because I do not use the entire width for the top band.

I will try to move the Selection Filters Panel around, but in the long term I think it should behave more predictably.

Reported in another thread, I have the “show more” arrow even though all the items are showing. Indeed somewhat buggy.