Bug: Selection Filters Panel Dementia

Hi McNeelies,

Guess this will my last Rhino 8 beta report, here goes: The Selection Filters panel does not seem to remember its position or state when one closes and opens Rhino. You can see here that I’ve set up my GUI with the OSnap and Selection Filters panels next to each other horisontally above the statusbar. When I close Rhino, a new Selection Filters panel is again docked along with the OSnap panel. Also, if one disables the Selection Filters panel, it will be enabled on close/open:


Hej Anders -

I believe this is reported as, or at least related to, RH-77605 Containers: Removed OSnap panel reappears after restart

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Ah yes, I did a quick search before posting, but that certainly looks related. Thanks Wim.