Bug: Select Display Color

In the newest beta 21014-05-20 I found it impossible to select a custom display color for any object.
It is possible to change the layer color and it also worked perfect on the previous versions. But with the new one installed, when i change the dropdown menu in the object properties from “display color: By Layer” to “Custom” the square which is used to select the color does not appear.

Its the same with different files and also after restarting.

I work on a iMac with MacOSX 10.7.5

By the way
As mentioned in a different topic I would really like it if the default object color was grey. So if white or black are selected, they really appear as this bright color.

I think it has always been that way in the sidebar???..however, in 2014-05-20 you can still change the color if you bring up the object properties window.

This segues into a request - a faster method to assign a custom color. Sure, I can create layers for colors, and often do. Often for me it is logical to have different colors on the same layer. Of course, such is what Display Color: Custom is for.

Using this method feels quite hoop jumpy. Would love to be able to right click (or something) on an object and do it direct from there, say, for example, a menu I’ve populated with colors. I just need a collection of colors that all stand out from each other.

Anyone else concur?

Hi Richard- In Windows this can be handled by scripting the -Properties (dash version) command, but this seems not to be implemented the same way for OSX. I’ll check on that.


I do!

This is a bug in OS X 10.7. The color well is there, you just need to make the sidebar wider to see the color well. You have long layer names. Rhino tells OS X to truncate the layer dropdown menu if it is very wide, but 10.7 ignores the request. See this thread for more 10.7 problems.

Either drag the sidebar wider or upgrade to a newer version of OS X. This works correctly in 10.8 and later.

Yes, I do see it does on 10.8.5.

Thank you, Pascal