BUG : SelBad should catch this

The volume of the attached closed solid polysurface cannot be calculated, yet it is not caught as a “Bad object”.
To me, this should qualify as “Bad”. At least, it would allow me to identify it before I try to feed it to the Grasshopper for processing.
I agree that for one of the faces, the holes tangent to the edges are nor a good idea if you want to keep out of trouble, but I have a boatload of other similar solids for which the volume was calculated without issue.

SelBad Should Catch This.3dm (314.1 KB)

New bug for Volume command:

From my point of view, it looks more like a bug in the “SelBad” command, but heck, thank you John.

I disagree. The developer will decide.

I think Rhino is getting the surface normal wrong for this inside surface because the seam of the cylinder is on the edge.
I deleted the surface, use SrfSeam on the cylinder, and Capped the hole.
Now Volume works.


Because of where the cylinder seam is, Rhino gets the surface normal direction wrong. That’s what causes Volume to fail.

I said that in the sense that I expect the “SelBad” command to report anything fishy. Inability to calculate the volume qualifies as “fishy” in my book.