Bug: selall with selection filter - another use case

Hi there folks, just to report another bug with SelAll and SelectionFilter. Different use case since the last reported
I have Rhino 7 updated

you can check all the workflow and result on this youtube link:

Many thanks!

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Sorry, I have no idea what you are telling us here, can you describe what happens and what you expect to happen?


When I use selection filter and the command SelAll it doesn’t work well.
First, i enabled selection filter with only meshes.
I use SelAll and Rhino select the desired object… just meshes one mesh selected that was on the model!!! ok!!!

But if do again SelAll … should not change selecion!!! because there are no other meshes there…
But what happens is SelAll selects everything else that was on the screen area… why???

That’s wrong, the scenario must be selecting all visible objects that are “meshes”!!! even you run the command 2 or 3 times… the selection cannot be changed…

Hello - thanks, please see my comment on