Bug: SafeFrame command does not autocomplete in WIP

Hi - as in the subject, the old RenderSafeFrameOptions used to be hidden, but why not make this one real and discoverable by fuzzy autocomplete typing?


Hi Jarek - thanks, I think that is an oversight.



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The correct command is “Safeframe” - use it with a hyphen for scripting.

SafeFrame does not autocomplete - as in the subject.
The request is for it to autocomplete.

Hi @Andy,

Apart from SafeFrame command to autocomplete…

Since the Render… commands are being revisited/modified for V6, maybe it is a good opportunity to have all of the ones that you keep there autocomplete?

It would really help to have them fuzzy-autocomplete instead of memorizing or creating buttons/shortcuts for the frequently used ones.

And while we are at it:
RenderConvertOldStyleMaterials command - I find the whole thing quite confusing. Why not force auto-convert all of the materials to the most recent Rhino version? On top of that, maybe if this command is here to stay, instead of creating a material with new name (Basic Material 01, 02 etc) it could keep the names of original materials?

The old-style materials in the scenes cause a lot of confusion and many material-related RS methods and RDK methods work with either the one or the other, so every time there is a need to run this command manually for most scripts that deal with materials to work. For example all SKP imported files by default bring the materials as old style materials that need to be converted. I hope this can be simplified and automated “under the hood”.

thank you,


@Andy - any thoughts on these?