Bug : RS : unable to set Target independently of Camera in 2PointPerspective projection

Hi @Dale,

As in the subject, any changes to Target do nothing, changes to Camera position only always drag the target.
We need to be able to set the camera and keep the target in place or move the target only.

It may be caused by the general way 2PP is implemented with no way to look up/down but if it was possible via scripting it would do for now.



Can you do so just using Rhino?

Hi Dale,

Yes and no. The ONLY way to do it by ‘just using Rhino’ is to RMB-rotate the camera. That is the only action that I know of that actually can make the camera and target be on different levels in 2PP mode. (Actaully SOMETIMES dragging the taret with CameraPointsOn works, but very finnicky).

This is not workable at all so I was desperately looking for any way to control that more precisely. If the scripting methods worked properly this could be a workaround before the main behavior gets fixed. See more here:

There appears to be a YouTrack item for this - there isn’t anything I can do beyond this…

Got it, thanks Dale. The scripted methods will probably work OK once the main issue is fixed. Was hoping scripting could be a way around that.

Hi @Dale,

FYI - I found a workaround and one RhinoScript method that allows to control moving the camera target up/down in TwoPointPerspective mode: