BUG – Rhino stuck after showing Panel

Lastest beta (mac) – Rhino stucks after doing this:

(please also note how SLOW the interface is.
Just drawing a simple box in an empty new file is super laggy. It takes ONE SECOND to Rhino to react or execute a command)

hi @the_eraser

just to be sure, what I see here is, after installing Rhino 8 (or an update) the first time you open the rendering panel, it takes a while, after that it opens up normally here.

As for creating a box in a new file: I see the same delay, but that only happens on creating the first box after starting Rhino 8.

Please confirm or correct if you see a different behavior, thanks

Hello @Gijs ,

It’s right, I don’t know why but now the rendering panel opens without freezing the application.
Yes, also the delay for creating a box only happens on creating the first box (is it normal?).


There is some initialisation happening to the rendering panel, right after you install or update.

In Rhino 7 I don´t see it, neither on Windows:
RH-77582 First object to create takes longer to appear than subsequent objects