BUG: Rhino PDF prints blank on large size sheets

I need to print a full scale element of a build (3’ x 18’) and when I create a PDF using Rhino PDF, I get a blank sheet. Can someone verify that their rhino pdf prints such sizes correctly? Maybe it’s an isolated case? Any solutions?

Hi Peter - is the ‘paper’ scaled to accommodate that size?


Yes it is. I do see the drawing in the preview so I know it’s properly scaled/etc. I’ve printed hundreds of prints from rhino so this is unlikely a print settings error on my part.

Hey, you never know, sometimes it’s the most obvious thing. My curve did not show up on my preview with the default sheet…


Thanks Pascal. That’s true

Hi Peter

I’m also experiencing this issue on Rhino6. I’ve done the same setup as you, although mine is 3m x 7m banner print. The preview shows up correctly, but the output pdf has no line work on it. Was there a solution to your issue? Cheers