Bug: Rhino options for view settings not being retained

I can’t get Rhino 5 to retain view settings for Rendered display mode: backface settings.
steps to recreate:
I pull the dropdown to ‘Single color for all backfaces’, choose a color, hit ok.
close Rhino.
reopen Rhino, this setting defaults to “Use front face settings”

i’m on sr6, build 10/28.

confirmed on several other machines.


Hi Robert,

Can you try right clicking the Rhino application icon and choosing ‘run as admin’? You should only have to do this once if it works. This sounds like a rights issue to me.

I tried this. Didn’t work. Other options settings changes I make are being retained with no issues at all.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for sticking with me on this one. I have reproduced the issue as well in the latest build and it appears to be a bug in the default Rendered mode. I filed this as RH-22344 which we will try and fix ASAP (this report is not public at this time). In the meantime, I found that if you make a copy of the mode, the backface change will stick between sessions. Here’s an ini file to import into Options>Rhino Options>View>Display Modes.
Rendered with backfaces.ini (10.4 KB)

Thanks Brian, I will give this a shot soon. Looking forward to the fix.

Hi Robert- see if making the change from the Display panel sticks better…? (Panels menu > Display)

Any luck?


Brian, I copied my own rendered view setting and that worked fine. Thanks for the suggestion, I wouldn’t have thought of that one anytime soon.

Hi Pascal, no luck. Still no stickiness between sessions by making the settings changes in the display panel.
Brian’s suggestion of copying the setting is a good workaround for me for now.