Bug? Rhino meshes indefinitely when zooming out

I have a trolley which I insert as a block. When I zoom out Rhino starts meshing indefinitely. If I zoom in on the trolley again it stops meshing.

Does anyone else see the same problem with the files? (insert the block in any file and zoom out, Rhino should start meshing. I’ve tried embedded and linked, and combo, same problem).

Trolley Debug.3dm (94.3 KB)
Trolley Small BLOCK.3dm (8.4 MB)

Using Rhino 6 SR17 (6.17.19196.20021, 07/15/2019)

// Rolf

Hi Rolf

Yes, same here with Rhino 6.16

I’m sorry I have no idea about what’s happening …
I know very little about blocks. :confused:

But … may I ask, out of curiosity, if the trolley was modeled in Rhino ?
( Looking at the surfaces, I see a lot of CVs )


Yes, I bundled it together quickly only for display purposes (together with a box I made, so I get the proportions). No effort put into that trolley (and another size trolley as well, but that one doesn’t have any problem). Could the meshing problem come from the dense CPs at the end of the two pipes? Hm.

I just noticed that if I explode the original block, I still get a block,
but now there are no problems any more when zooming …

TrolleyExplodedOnce.3dm (7.9 MB)

… But unfortunately I have no idea on what that means. :confused:

I tried to do the same, but exploded the last block as well, but then the surfaces doesn’t join anymore.

I also tried to run SelBadObjects, and it reports finding three, but they are not visible, and they are not deleted when I run Delete after SelBad and…

Nothing seems to be normal with this file.

// Rolf

Hmmm … I dont’ see that here on Rhino 6.16.
I can exlpode and then re-join any polisurface

Yes, 3 invisible bad objects.
But Cut after SelBadObjects worked here. :slight_smile:

TrolleySurfaces.3dm (9.3 MB)

Maybe mcneelies might find it interesting … :slight_smile:

Probably yes… :slight_smile:

I copied it into MOI and then copied it back to Rhino again, then all BadObjects were gone (nothing visible missing though).

Bad experience. But hopefully they will find the cause in the uploaded file.

// Rolf

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